Topwind is established in 2008 by Johan Top and Ruud Kerkhof. They know each other since 1993 when both were working for the turbine manufacturer Lagerwey. After their career at Lagerwey both have worked in different functions for several companies in the wind industry.

Before 2008 Johan has been working for different turbine manufacturers and service companies. During this period he gained valuable experience with all aspects of management and exploitation; from design, engineering and assembly to project management, services and maintenance.

Ruud has been active in wind industry since 1986. Over the thirty years he has focussed on project and service management. As an owner of different wind turbines he knows the wishes of operators like no other.

Nowadays Topwind has more than 10 employees who are involved as a team in the construction and operation of windfarms from our customers worldwide. Topwind has project managers, consultants, asset managers and experts in the field of IT and data analysis.