21 Mrt
Eneco and Topwind have closed an agreement for project support

Next to a  framework agreement for the Ice Prevention Systems, Topwind and Eneco have closed an agreement for project support. By signing this agreement Topwind will be able to support Eneco on an ad-hoc basis with the exploitation of their wind farms.

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18 Jan
Contract negotiations 2x Lagerwey L136 for Growind are successfully finished

Topwind was involved with the contract negotiations for purchasing two L136-4.5 MW wind turbines for Growind. The turbines are going to be built in the Eemshaven this year. Two existing turbines at this location were dismantled last year with support and HSE coordination of Topwind.

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06 Dec
Topwind will be responsible for the Asset Management of a Vestas V112 3,45 MW wind turbine

After a successful take-over, Topwind will be responsible for the Asset Management of a Vestas V112 3,45 MW wind turbine of JICA Wind B.V. in Wieringerwerf for the coming next years.

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28 Aug
Topwind goes to Curaçao for the extension of windpark Tera Kora

NuCuraçao Windpark II B.V has started the construction of the extension for the Tera Kora windfarm. The existing five Vestas V90 3.0MW turbines will be expanded with an additional five Vestas V117 3.3MW turbines. Topwind has been assigned by NuCuraçao Windpark II B.V to provide the Owner Engineer services

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30 Aug
Topwind introduces Shadow Control System (SCS)

Helping owners of wind turbines to achieve the maximum efficiency from every turbine is our mission. The Shadow Control System is an practical example of our mission. With the Shadow Control System the turbines can be stopped If residents experience nuisance because of shadow flicker and will not be stopped automatically.

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03 Aug
Topwind prepares 27 wind farms for the winter season

Summertime, but in preparation for the winter. Topwind installs the Topwind Ice Prevention system (IPS) on 13 wind farms before next winter season. Due to the proven proper functioning of system the demand for the ISP has increased exponential for the second year in a row.

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28 Juli
Topwind gives room for 2-B Energy offshore demo turbine with downwind rotor

Topwind has coordinated the disassembly of a Vestas V90 3MW turbine in the Eemshaven. Wind farm Growind, managed by Topwind, offers one turbine to give room for the 2-B Energy demo turbine.

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15 Juni
Topwind manages Balance of Plant Wieringermeer

Six farmers in the Wieringermeer Holland, all owner of a single wind turbine are repowering the turbines all at the same time. The current turbines will be repowered for EWT-DW54-900KW turbines and Topwind is managing the fully Balance of Plant.

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26 Mei
Vestas purchases Topwind Ice Prevention System unloading dock Toyota port of Zeebrugge

In the port of Zeebrugge four Vestas V90 2MW will be build. The port operates as unloading dock for Toyota. Thousands of cars are stored right underneath the turbines, throwing ice will damage the new cars.

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06 Mei
Windfarm Perwez installs Topwind Bat Protection System

Bats can become victim of wind turbines. The Belgium government ‘Agentschap Natuur & Bos’ has commit a monitoring obligation and a pre-defined standstill algorithm for windfarm Perwez. To fulfill the obligation with minimum loss of production Aspiravi has installed the Bat Protection System.

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27 Apr
Construction turbines Windkr-acht Kampen recorded.

After successfully completing the turbine selection and contract negotiationsTopwind supervises the construction of  turbines of Windkr-acht in Kampen. John Starre photography has recorded the construction of the tower sections using a drone. 

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24 Feb
Busy winter season Topwind IPS

Due to a period of weather conditions with temperatures around zero degrees, Topwind has had a busy period with the management of the Ice Prevention System (IPS). The Topwind Ice Prevention System has proven itself again. Maximum safety and minimum standstill.

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01 Feb
Topwind supervises the construction Windkr-acht Kampen

After completing the turbine selection and contract negotiations with the manufacturer successfully, Topwind supervises the construction of the turbines of Windkr-acht in Kampen. Wednesday January 28th, Windkr-acht started with the construction of four Enercon E-82 turbines.

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15 Sept
Topwind installs Bat Protection System

Topwind has installed a prototype of the Bat Protection System (BPS). The system, developed by Topwind, detects the presence and activities of bats near wind turbines using a high-quality ultrasonic receiver.

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27 Juli
Eneco signs framework agreement Topwind

Topwind and Eneco Wind B.V. have signed a framework agreement for delivery and installation of the Topwind Ice Prevention System on Eneco's new wind farms in the Netherlands.

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29 Juni
IVC Green Power chooses Topwind IPS to prevent falling ice

IVG Green Power of Avelgem, Belgium will be installing three Enercon E-70 wind turbines on the grounds of IVG Group manufacturing facilities. Topwind Consultancy will provide its specialized ice prevention system.

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14 Jan
Mega Windy chooses for Topwind IPS after falling ice.

After cars were damaged by falling ice, Mega Windy decided to choose for maximum safety by installing the Topwind Ice Prevention System.

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10 Nov
Three more V66 turbines to Chile

South American glass manufacturer, ordered three more Vestas V66 turbines. In a previous post we announced the project "Topwind helps wind turbines to Chili". A project in collaboration with turbine trader Windbrokers and service team Bettink. 

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14 Mei
New office for Topwind

Due to the increasing number of customers and staff, Topwind Consultancy BV moved to a bigger office. Topwind was founded in 2008 by Johan Top and Ruud Kerkhof. Johan: In the past five years, Topwind is grown to a company with name. 

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09 Mei
Topwind on National wind energy congres

On the 16th and 17th of May, the National Wind energy Congress will take place in Amersfoort.  Stake holders and experts, including Topwind, will inform about the latest developments in onshore wind energy. Wind energy in the Netherlands has a high priority from the government to achieve the green energy targets in 2020.

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17 Apr
Topwind helps wind turbine to Chile

Wind enery is an upcoming market in South America. A Chilean glass factory bought two used Vestas V66 turbines in the Netherlands. Topwind will guide the project until the turbines are spinning.

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11 Mrt
New maintenance contract for Growind

Growind in Eemshaven is the largest wind farm in The Netherlands which is developed by private persons. The maintenance contract with Vestas was  extended after advice by Topwind. Wind farm Growind is a wind farm with 21 Vestas V90 3.0MW turbines. 

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