Topwind Systems

Topwind is a leader in the wind energy industry offering solutions for every challenge. Through the years we have developed different products to maximize efficiencies such as the IPS, BPS and SCS.

  • Ice Prevention System (IPS)
    The potential for ice thrown off a turbine blade is a serious concern. It can injure people and cause damage and lengthy downtime. Topwind has developed the Topwind Ice Prevention System to solve this problem. The IPS ensures maximum safety with minimum loss of production. Read more.

  • Bat Protection System (BPS)
    A bat is a protected species by the European law. It is illegal to injure or kill bats and to disturb their habitats. Turbines can cause a problem because the blades can kill the bats. To get an exemption you need to stop the turbines and act carefully and monitor the impact of the turbines. The Bat Protection System monitors the local activity, protect the bats and minimizes production losses. Read more.

  • Shadow Control System (SCS)
    Shadow flicker can be a nuisance to local residents and their concerns have to be considered. The moments that shadow flicker could occur can be forecasted properly. Whether local residents experience nuisance because of the shadow flicker can’t be predicted. On your behalf, Topwind implements the Shadow Control System (SCS) to minimize both the nuisance to the residents and lost production for your wind turbine. Read More.

The IPS, BPS and SCS are examples of custom-made solutions and innovation by Topwind. If there is a challenge at your site, we will come up with a solution to maximize the efficiency of your project. If you think there is a problem with the operations of your turbine that could be eliminated, we can come up with a solution. When are your turbines out of operation? Tell it us!