Shadow Control System (SCS)

Turbines equipped with an automatic shadow flicker control of the manufacture are stopped unnecessarily for many times. More and more local residents are participating in wind projects. So they do have another interest too; maximum production.

Due to the fixed position of the earth in respect of the sun, the moments that shadow flicker could occur can be forecasted properly be means of a calculation method. Whether local residents experience nuisance because of the shadow flicker can’t be predicted.

How it works:

With the Topwind Shadow Control System local residents can log-in to the SCS and stop the
turbines when they experience nuisance because of the shadow flicker.

  • Local resident experience nuisance because of the shadow flicker.
  • The resident logs-in on the SCS
  • The time block and the status of the shadow system of the manufacture is displayed.
  • Resident gives the signal stop.
  • Turbine stops till the end of the time block and automatic restart.